Monday, October 24, 2011

Robbie and Cammie

This past weekend was Jason's brother Robbie and soon to be Low Cammie's "pre-wedding" reception in Cardston. They're getting married next month in Utah so this is the weekend they could come celebrate in Cardston. Devynn Bohn was their photographer and she let me tag a long to help out where I could and try a few photos of my own while she was shooting.. She had great ideas, and I loved having the chance to work with her. Check out her blog here.

Can't wait for the actually wedding! YAY!

Ideas by Devynn, I just shot while she was shooting and arranging.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


My babies!
 Love these two. I think I take pictures of them all day.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Richard and Leslie Low

This was a very quick photo shoot- 2 minutes notice and 10 minute shoot. It was during Talia's birthday out at my parents place (thank goodness for a good path). I think we got some cute ones and did what we could with time.

Leslie is married to Jason's younger brother Richard. They live just down the block and it's been a lot of fun being closer to them. I think I'm stealing all their good work because Richard and Leslie have taught me a lot about my camera and one day soon I'm going to get Leslie to teach me how to crochet (she really is AWESOME!!!!!)

Anyways she is seriously the cutest pregnant person ever. She is 37 weeks here... I didn't look like this at 37 weeks. I would have had to do my shoot at 28 weeks to look like this.