Monday, June 4, 2012

Pictures picture pictures

I love taking pictures of my kids and I just got this awesome chair from a friend Kim Loewen. She's amazing talented with refinishing furniture and I was lucky enough to get this chair from her. Thanks again Kim!!!

Anyways My sister in law Leslie thought we should go take pictures and it was a perfect day so we did! Thought they turned out great and wanted to share some. I'm glad she caught a few with me in them. I never get photos of me and my kids. Unfortunately I am not a model and need to work on angles because every photo of me looking was NOT a good angle. I do LOVE the ones with me and kids though. I just love love love them.

I love my kids and like I said before I love taking photos of them. I need to stop taking photos so often of ones that are frame worthy because then you never actually get to framing them before you always have a newer one. I do love these so I think a couple will be going up on the wall.

This is my nephew Benson. He's Richard and Leslie's first baby. I'm so glad he's in the Low family. He's the only boy and cousin near Jace. They're going to be great buds. Give it a little less than year and they'll be playing and getting in to trouble all over the place.
He seems serious but I think like Talia was and most kids at this age are they're not sure about new adults that aren't their mommy or daddy. He's smiley when his parents are around and loves to grab at things- mostly faces. He gave his mom a pretty good bloody nose this past week, so watch your face! He's a cutey, looks like his Mommy, but has expressions like his Daddy. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My kids

2 years and 4 months old

11 months 

potty training tool