About me

Hi my name's Kamry and Welcome to my photography blog. I'm married to my best friend Jason and we have two beautiful kids. Talia's 2 years old and Jace is 7 months old. I'm a Registered Nurse who works casually on pediatric cardiology at the Stollery and this year I'm getting back into one of first passions, basketball. I stay home mostly with the kids but I like to try and find time for photography.

I've been interested in photography since 2008 and this past year have started to take it more seriously. I've been learning on my own and with the help of other photographers. I don't consider myself a photographer yet because I feel I need some more experience. I do LOVE taking photos and I believe everyone deserves some good photos of them, their families, and loved ones.

I love kids and love taking close up of kids- candid and posed. With kids it seems to usually be canid or semi-posed. I take photos of kids, families, babies, and couples.

I hope to continue to learn and gain more experience through the opportunities I get. Feel free to ask questions or contact me.

Enjoy the blog!